What are Some of Your Patients’ Postoperative Expectations

Every one of us has experienced disappointment when reality fails to live up to our expectations. Our mission is to help you develop a realistic understanding of life after bariatric surgery so that you can look forward to a successful outcome with genuine, enduring satisfaction. If you will work with us to prepare in every way possible for your procedure, you can expect an incredibly positive and rewarding experience.

Lifestyle Changes

Bariatric surgery has long-lasting effects. Because of the procedure, patients must make permanent lifestyle changes in terms of their diet, exercise, and behavior. Often, these changes are significant and require a complete change of mindset. Some bariatric surgery patients develop “buyer’s remorse” because they are not prepared to handle the lifestyle restrictions required by the post-bariatric surgery process.

With bariatric surgery, the expectation should not be that surgery will fix everything. The reality is, the surgery is a catalyst that makes it more feasible to achieve lasting weight loss. Every patient must understand beforehand that their surgery will be life-changing. We go to great lengths to help patients succeed in managing this transition and attaining long-term results. We enroll all our patients in our support group, our mental health counseling, and our dietician group to assist them in making the behavioral changes that will revolutionize their lives and lead to enduring weight loss.


Motivation is another important part of postoperative expectations. Success with bariatric surgery will not be possible for patients who expect their surgery, surgeon, and medical team to do all the work. Any individual who is not motivated to succeed and put forth a lot of personal effort will have a difficult time after surgery. Usually, patients who fit this description won’t succeed in the long run.

On the other hand, patients who recognize and appreciate what bariatric surgery can do for them will be motivated to take full advantage of the situation. Motivated patients utilize the resources we provide and do whatever they can to allow the bariatric surgery experience to work in their favor. We are always looking for patients who really want to work with us and who will help us assist them in their journey, as these are the patients who experience the greatest long-term success.