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Why is weight a casual topic of conversation?

“Did you stop working out?” a co-worker asked me last week in the hospital cafeteria. “You look way too skinny,” said a colleague in the O.R. to me a few months ago.  “You used to look a lot stronger,” a former co-resident said to me at a national meeting of Bariatric surgeons.

Sound familiar? Anyone ever come up to you at work and remark on your weight going up or down? Since when did our weight become an appropriate point of discussion with acquaintances? Okay, so I used to be a lot heavier, and my weight has fluctuated over the years, just like everyone else’s, but what the heck?

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Walks can be pleasant, peaceful, memorable, and inspiring.  But reaching one’s target heart rate can be very challenging on most flat terrain without moving at an extremely difficult pace. The next time you’re out for a leisurely stroll, and you’d like to burn some extra calories, try a little bit of the following:

As always, you must have clearance from your doctor (not me!) prior to attempting any of these exercises.

Before embarking on your “Rambo Walk,” please warmup appropriately (refer to earlier blog entry on warmup routines).

Walk 5 minutes
Pushups (10-25)
Jumping jacks (10-25)
situps, crunches, or leg lifts (10-25)
Repeat entire cycle at least 4 times

Do not be embarrassed by exercising next to a walking path. People will be inspired by your efforts–I speak from experience! Though you might not want to try this in the middle of Walmart, the outdoor world is your playground, feel free to use it!