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The Ultimate High-Protein Vegetarian Option

tempehSeveral of my patients have asked for more vegetarian options for meeting their protein goals after surgery. As promised, I have concocted the ultimate high-protein, vegetarian, bariatric-friendly meal!*


Olive oil
Brussels sprouts
Tempeh/extra firm tofu
Soy sauce and Sriracha


Coat pan with light oil or cooking spray and heat up that thing!
Add in shredded Brussels sprouts and mushrooms
Sprinkle in fresh garlic (or garlic powder, not garlic salt)

When Brussels sprouts are golden, add in the following:
Tempeh and extra firm tofu, marinated in light soy sauce and Sriracha
One handful of raw cashews.
Sautee until tofu and tempeh are slightly browned.

Serve and enjoy!

That’s low salt, low-fat, high protein, delicious eating! Also, the total time to prepare the aforementioned meal, including all prep and marinating, was about 6 minutes. Remember, if I can make it, anyone can!

Let’s get healthy together!
Dr. Matt Metz

*Opinions may vary.

Dr. Matt Metz was named the first surgeon in the State of Colorado to use the Reshape Dual Balloon!

reshape dual balloon

Dr. Matt Metz was named the first surgeon in the State of Colorado to use the Reshape Dual Balloon!  A non-surgical weight loss procedure, Dr. Metz has already begun implanting the balloons.  The intra-gastric balloon is a same-day procedure, and is inserted via an endoscope, under sedation, without any incisions.

All patients receive personalized screening and evaluation, then a full year of personal support and coaching, following the procedure.

The Reshape balloon is designed for patients with a BMI between 30-40, with no previous weight loss surgery, and with a willingness to make changes to support a healthy lifestyle.  Balloon technology is not covered by insurance.

Dr. Metz is very excited to have been recognized for his superior skills and expertise in balloon placement, and is honored to have been named the first in Colorado to implement this exciting weight loss procedure!

Let’s get healthy together!

Balloon Technology is Here!

Balloon TechnologyMany of you have asked about the stomach balloon technology that has been all a-buzz in the media lately. I have recently begun collecting names of patients that are interested in these advanced devices. I perform the procedures under conscious sedation (no general anesthetic), through the mouth (no incisions, no scars). Using an endoscope, I insert a shaped balloon into the stomach, and inflate it to a certain amount that reduces hunger, and increases fullness.

The balloons are temporary, and must be removed 6 months after insertion, also with an endoscope, and also under sedation, without general anesthetic. Patients go home the same day in both cases, and have been shown to achieve as much as 40% excess weight loss in some studies.

The procedure is not for everyone. Patients with large hiatal hernias, or previous bariatric surgeries, or active ulcer disease generally do not qualify, and the balloons are currently only approved for patients with a BMI between 30-40 kg/m2.

Insurance does not currently pay for gastric balloon therapy, but we have worked out a very reasonable self-pay price, and financing is available.

If you are interested, please call my office at 720-851-1610 so we can get you started. The balloon technology is a very exciting adjunct to our practice, and I am very pleased to be the first surgeon in the region to offer one of the dual balloons, as seen in the media.

Let’s get healthy together!

Dr. Metz Invited to Present Loop Duodenal Switch Data at International Meeting

Loop Duodenal SwitchI’m so honored to have had the opportunity to present our initial data on the Loop Duodenal Switch, or SIPS procedure, last week.  While it was truly inspirational to meet face to face with other pioneers in the Surgical Community, my favorite comment came from the national study coordinator, who said, “You’re Dr. Metz?  I thought you’d be older!”

Congratulations to our super-motivated and dedicated patients, colleagues, and support staff for this tremendous undertaking.  I will keep you all posted as we move into final phases of the study.

Let’s get healthy together!

Dr. Metz in the News for the Lap Duodenal Switch

Dr MetzWe began performing the Duodenal Switch in 2013 for the surgical treatment of resistant type 2 diabetes mellitus. Since then, patients have been coming from all over the U.S. to have the procedure, not just to manage their diabetes, but because of the outstanding long-term weight loss associated with the DS.

Yesterday, June 17th, 2014, Fox 31 came to Rose Medical Center to film one of our surgeries. They interviewed our outstanding patient (who has a significant family history of diabetes), they interviewed me, and they were in the operating room for the procedure.

Shaul Turner, a fantastic journalist from Fox 31, is interested in following our patient over her weight loss journey, and doing an extended story to chronicle her progress.

I would like to thank Ms. Turner, Justin the Videographer, Rose Medical Center, our Team, and, most importantly, our amazing patient (who will remain nameless for confidentiality issues at this time), who graciously agreed to have her story told to the world!

Thank you, everyone, for helping bring the Duodenal Switch to Colorado, and for giving our patients a potential tool to beat diabetes and obesity!