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Bariatric Spa AppGet the most out of your weight loss procedure! The Bariatric Spa app gives you all the tools and information you need to help maintain your weight and your health, as well as answer your questions. It includes useful tools like a body mass index (BMI) calculator, weight loss and supplement trackers, and daily calorie and water intake manager, as well as fun features like your own personal weight loss photo archive, delicious and healthy recipes and so much more! Download it free today from the App Store, Amazon and Google Play.



The Obesity Action Coalition

The Obesity Action Coalition is a non-profit organization dedicated to obese patient advocacy and public awareness of the obesity epidemic. The Obesity Action Coalition is also an excellent source of support, education, and special events for patients recovering from obesity. Bariatric & Aesthetic Surgery Associates encourages all of our patients to visit the Obesity Action Coalition website for more information.

Bariatric Store

Nutritional Supplements for Bariatric Surgery Patients
Bariatric Advantage® provides a complete line of nutritional supplements that have been specifically formulated to meet the unique demands of both the pre-operative bariatric surgical candidate, as well as the post-operative bariatric surgical patient.

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