Hospital charges: $12,000 – pay Rose Financial Counselor, Judy Porter ~ 303.320.2083

Anesthesia: $1,200 – pay Colorado Anesthesia Associates directly ~ 303.377.7638

Surgical assistant fee: $750 – pay in office by check payable to Allison Galloway or cash

Surgeon’s fee: $8,450 – pay in office by cash, check, or credit card

  • Covers pre-op visit
  • 90 day unlimited post op visits
  • Completion and submission of any forms needed for FMLA/STD
  • Includes complications during primary admission up to 5 days

Four visits with Dietitian; two before and two after: $270

Pathology: $75 – this will be billed to you after surgery

Mental Health Evaluation: $100

*Self-Pay price includes 90 days of post op visits. 6 months and yearly visits will cost $140 each.
*All providers need to be paid before surgery, or surgery will be cancelled.

*Price is subject to change at any time.