How to Choose Your Bariatric Surgeon

Just like the decision to undergo bariatric surgery, your choice of bariatric surgeon is deeply personal. This person will hold the key to helping you improve your health and change the whole course of your life. The following tips will guide you in making the right choice for your bariatric surgeon in Denver.

Get Referrals and Reviews

A bariatric surgeon works with patients on a close, personal level. Former patients can share insightful perspectives about working with their surgeons. Patient satisfaction surveys and testimonials reveal a lot about the experience of working with a particular surgeon, as well as details about the office environment, scheduling appointments, time spent with patients, etc. Your primary care doctor or another health care specialist can also provide you with a list of recommended bariatric surgeons.

Research, Research, Research

Research surgeons carefully before making your decision. At minimum, your surgeon should be board certified with plenty of experience and no history of malpractice claims. Research surgeons on state websites and other third party sources to learn as much as possible.

Look at Credentials

Board certification is crucial in the medical industry. A board-certified bariatric surgeon has essential skills, experience, and specialized training in weight loss surgery. The surgeon must pass grueling exams, and recertification is regularly required to maintain board-certification status.

Experience Matters

Bariatric surgery is highly complex. An experienced surgeon should have reliable results with high success rates and reduced complication rates. Ask your surgeon how many times he or she has performed your particular procedure, especially in the last year. It’s also important to ask about complication rates – overall and for previous patients who had your procedure.

Ask About Success Rates

Ask your bariatric surgeon for details about his or her success rates. How is success measured? What can a patient like you expect from working with this surgeon? The right surgeon will give you honest and detailed answers.

Research the Facility

Research the hospital facility where the surgeon operates. The facility should be well-rated for providing quality care and should have all the essentials necessary for a successful, complication-free procedure.

Consider Location

Consider the importance of the surgeon’s location and hospital location. Whether you’re looking for a weight loss surgeon in Denver or Boston, proximity can play a significant role in managing follow-up visits for your weight loss success. Carefully consider location alongside other important factors, including time off, travel expenses, and the quality of your surgeon.

Find Out Exactly What the Surgeon Does

Weight loss surgery comes in many forms and can be performed using a variety of technical approaches. Select a surgeon who offers the best procedure for your needs and who uses techniques that match your preferences. Typically, it is better to find a surgeon who is skilled in performing successful laparoscopic weight loss surgeries, as the laparoscopic approach tends to reduce recovery and discomfort and may even have fewer complications.

Ask About After the Surgery

What happens after bariatric surgery is just as important as the surgery itself. To give yourself the best chance for success, you need a surgeon who will provide excellent follow-up care. Comprehensive support involving plenty of service from a support team will ensure that you achieve the results you need.

Find a Personal Connection

You need to feel completely comfortable with the surgeon you choose. Can you develop a personal connection with him or her? Does the surgeon understand your needs? Does he or she have genuine interest and sincere empathy for you in your situation? Does the surgeon welcome your questions and provide you with honest and detailed responses? Do you feel that he or she respects your opinions and decisions? Most importantly, do you feel you can trust your bariatric surgeon to help you achieve your weight loss goals?

Dr. Metz is a board-certified bariatric surgeon in Denver, Colorado. He performs a high number of surgeries every year and has performed well over 2,000 weight loss procedures in the past 10 years alone. Dr. Metz is the first bariatric surgeon in Colorado to offer the ReShape Gastric Balloon procedure and the first in the region to offer the laparoscopic loop duodenal switch. Despite specializing in high-risk cases, Dr. Metz has an incredibly low complication rate for the region. Schedule your personal consultation today to discover whether Dr. Metz might be the best bariatric surgeon for you.