Horrible Full Body Workout

The following workout is not for the faint of heart. A friend suggested it to me, so I made some slight modifications. As always, do not attempt any portion of this workout without clearance from your PCP—I don’t count!

Standard warm-up (see previous blogs).

1 mile run

Followed by 3 rounds of the following:

30 burpees (modify accordingly)

4 power cleans (please check youtube for this one, and be careful!)

6 Front squats

Followed by 1 mile run.

Cool down.

I made the mistake of running the first mile way too fast and almost barfed at my 20th burpee in the first set. Take your time, breathe, and do your best. As for the weight used, find a weight that’s comfortable for you, which can be no weight at all. I used 95 lbs, as I’m just learning how to do this power clean thing, but do what you feel is appropriate.

Please, do not over exert yourself on this one, and be sure to have a partner around in the event of a problem, and also just to have someone to commiserate with you.

Let’s get healthy together!

Dr. Matt Metz