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Dr. Matt Metz was named the first surgeon in the State of Colorado to use the Reshape Dual Balloon!

reshape dual balloon

Dr. Matt Metz was named the first surgeon in the State of Colorado to use the Reshape Dual Balloon!  A non-surgical weight loss procedure, Dr. Metz has already begun implanting the balloons.  The intra-gastric balloon is a same-day procedure, and is inserted via an endoscope, under sedation, without any incisions.

All patients receive personalized screening and evaluation, then a full year of personal support and coaching, following the procedure.

The Reshape balloon is designed for patients with a BMI between 30-40, with no previous weight loss surgery, and with a willingness to make changes to support a healthy lifestyle.  Balloon technology is not covered by insurance.

Dr. Metz is very excited to have been recognized for his superior skills and expertise in balloon placement, and is honored to have been named the first in Colorado to implement this exciting weight loss procedure!

Let’s get healthy together!

Balloon Technology is Here!

Balloon TechnologyMany of you have asked about the stomach balloon technology that has been all a-buzz in the media lately. I have recently begun collecting names of patients that are interested in these advanced devices. I perform the procedures under conscious sedation (no general anesthetic), through the mouth (no incisions, no scars). Using an endoscope, I insert a shaped balloon into the stomach, and inflate it to a certain amount that reduces hunger, and increases fullness.

The balloons are temporary, and must be removed 6 months after insertion, also with an endoscope, and also under sedation, without general anesthetic. Patients go home the same day in both cases, and have been shown to achieve as much as 40% excess weight loss in some studies.

The procedure is not for everyone. Patients with large hiatal hernias, or previous bariatric surgeries, or active ulcer disease generally do not qualify, and the balloons are currently only approved for patients with a BMI between 30-40 kg/m2.

Insurance does not currently pay for gastric balloon therapy, but we have worked out a very reasonable self-pay price, and financing is available.

If you are interested, please call my office at 720-851-1610 so we can get you started. The balloon technology is a very exciting adjunct to our practice, and I am very pleased to be the first surgeon in the region to offer one of the dual balloons, as seen in the media.

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Bariatric Coverage for All Who Qualify!

I’m so fortunate to have been invited to participate in the Access to Care meeting for State Chapters of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. Our group is hard at work to improve access to bariatric benefits for folks without insurance coverage for weight loss therapies . I will keep you all posted, and I really appreciate your support as I help represent this region of the United States!

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Dr. Metz Invited to Present Loop Duodenal Switch Data at International Meeting

Loop Duodenal SwitchI’m so honored to have had the opportunity to present our initial data on the Loop Duodenal Switch, or SIPS procedure, last week.  While it was truly inspirational to meet face to face with other pioneers in the Surgical Community, my favorite comment came from the national study coordinator, who said, “You’re Dr. Metz?  I thought you’d be older!”

Congratulations to our super-motivated and dedicated patients, colleagues, and support staff for this tremendous undertaking.  I will keep you all posted as we move into final phases of the study.

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Dr. Metz Named One of 6 Centers in the Country to Investigate the Loop Duodenal Switch Long Term

As a result of the outstanding success in our loop duodenal switch patients, I have been selected as one of six centers in the United States (alongside Duke University!) to have our patient data entered in the long-term study of the SIPS procedure (Stomach Intestinal Pylorus-Sparing Surgery). I have been invited to gather with the five other leaders in the field at an international scientific meeting being held in Boston later this month.

I would not possibly have achieved this highest quality status without the support of our amazing staff, but I owe the greatest of thanks to all of our patients who have agreed to participate in the on-going study. Your continued involvement is what helps advance the science of medicine, and helps keep all of our patients safe.

Thank you so much for all of your support.

Let’s get healthy together!

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