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Who is the Ideal Candidate for a Gastric Bypass?

The weight loss surgeries offered at Bariatric & Aesthetic Surgery Associates utilize a variety of techniques to help patients achieve their weight loss goals. The patient’s individual needs and circumstances are major determining factors in which weight loss procedure will be best for that patient. The ideal candidate for a gastric bypass struggles with weight management as well as acid reflux and/or type 2 diabetes.

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Get Ready For Summer!

Spring is here, which means one thing is certain: summer will soon arrive. Everyone is planning lake trips, pool parties, island vacations, and sunny summer day excursion. If you feel like your body isn't where you want it for your picture-perfect summer, then now's a perfect time to take advantage of our special, limited-time offer!

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What are Some of Your Patients’ Postoperative Expectations

Every one of us has experienced disappointment when reality fails to live up to our expectations. Our mission is to help you develop a realistic understanding of life after bariatric surgery so that you can look forward to a successful outcome with genuine, enduring satisfaction. If you will work with us to prepare in every way possible for your procedure, you can expect an incredibly positive and rewarding experience.

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