Pre-Surgery Planning

Pre-Surgery Planning

The staff at Bariatric & Aesthetic Surgery Associates is very happy that you are considering weight loss surgery. To ensure that you achieve the greatest success, there are several steps you need to complete. We do this to make sure you thoroughly understand how weight loss surgery will impact your life, your health and your future.

The first step to begin planning for bariatric surgery is to get informed! Free informational sessions are hosted monthly by our bariatric surgeon – Dr. Matthew A. Metz MD FACS, and staff.

To register for a free information session, call (720) 851-1610.

To be considered for surgery

After you’ve made your decision and want to be considered for surgery, you should:

  • Make an appointment to meet with the team of specialists at Bariatric & Aesthetic Surgery Associates. The first appointment will include meeting with a dietitian, social worker, Nurse Practitioner and a surgeon.
  • Attend one of the informational seminars

These steps are designed to determine whether you are a potential surgical candidate and to educate and prepare you for the significant changes that will occur after the surgery. Our experience has shown that the better prepared you are before surgery, the greater long term success you will have after your surgery. Those patients who do not meet criteria as surgical candidates may be referred for medical weight loss or further dietary management before becoming surgical candidates.


What if I do not qualify for bariatric surgery?

If you do not qualify for surgery you do still have options. If your insurance company does not approve you for surgery, we do offer competitive self-pay rates. We encourage you to remain in the states for surgery versus traveling outside the US. It can be cheaper for the initial procedure. There is also cost and risk of not having any follow-up to consider. Also the fact that there are a minimal amount of surgeons in the states willing to do your lap band fills and deal with any complications. Because of this, you are at huge risk for issues and weight loss failure.

Do you not qualify because you are too high a risk for surgery? Maybe you have a very high BMI or many health risks which can make surgery dangerous for you. Even in these cases, there are options as well. Our surgeon may recommend that you join our 6 month weight management class. You can get one-on-one care from our dietician to lose weight to achieve a safe BMI for surgery. Our surgeon is very hands-on and caring. He genuinely wants everyone to succeed.